A roundabout Kudos

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25 Nov 2014 A roundabout Kudos

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No doubt you’ve seen the round works at the North Park intersection?
With high traffic incidences, collisions and ageing infrastructure, the upgrade and improvement of this intersection was well due.

Projects of this scale require enormous design and planning to be a success. With so many considerations;
-Design and drawing
To name just a few. Communication and cooperation are also paramount.

Congratulations to the civil contractor on this project. The major tasks were completed quickly and efficiently, the timeline was adhered to, and the disturbance to our North End neighbours has been kept to a minimum. It’s exciting to watch our neighbourhood grow.

The fabric of the neighbourhoods surrounding North Park Street and the Halifax Common is changing. You can see the planned projects moving this change on the HALIFAX website using the links. Peninsula Bikeway Network (north/south), Cogswell Interchange, Open Space Plan, Halifax North Common Plan, Corridor Plan, etc.

North Park Intersection