Bauer Street | new project

30 Apr 2015 Bauer Street | new project

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After completing work at the Gottingen street project with Steevo, Jonathan is continuing the recent trend of restoration of early 19th century homes.

You never know what you will find in some of these period homes. We were lucky enough to find an old coin dating back to 1861 lodged beneath the old floor boards (pics below). Pretty cool to find a coin that predates the inception of our great country. There were approximately 1.8 million of these one cent coins minted back in 1861. A wonderful little keepsake for the new owners of this property to remind them of their homes history.

MRB Contracting have embarked on work at this home that will include:
Patching and refinishing the existing softwood flooring,
Expansion and installation of new kitchen,
Update main floor powder room,
Addition of 2nd floor bathroom,
Renovation of 3rd floor bathroom and installation of some new replicated mouldings.