Erica and Rick Baker

06 Mar 2015 Erica and Rick Baker

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We’ve been beyond thrilled with Mike. With respect to the quality of his work, his attention to detail and craftsmanship are amazing. It is like he is building his own cottage. MRB’s perfectionism is seen in every inch and corner of our cottage. As a businessman, Mike has been a true pleasure to work with. His professionalism, level-headedness, responsibility and dependability is impressive. He takes pride in his work and in his company and provides a level of service and commitment that I think is unparalleled. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and can also be seen in those who are working for him. With respect to quoting of costs – Mike has been pretty much dead on. Our final price is higher than our quote – BUT this was due to changes and decisions that Rick and I made, and that Mike fully discussed with us.

Through any job there are changes and decisions that are made that add to the scope of the work that will very probably result in additional costs. Mike, with the assistance of Builder Trend, and Lindsay, was on top of every cost and fully transparent with respect to budget. We also worked closely with an architect, which I think made a world of difference… Mike’s timeline has been slightly off (approximately a month). Part of this was the result of Rick and me making changes to the plans, part was the result of building through the winter, and part may have been due to scheduling subs and building in Lunenburg. We never had any concern that the team was not working – in fact on at least two occasions when we stopped in on the weekend to check things out, Mike and/or workers were unexpectedly on site working. Given the finished product – an extra month has been worth it.

We never felt like the work was being rushed or that there were other jobs that were more important. I do credit our architect for much of how special our cottage is, but there is no question in my mind that MRB provided us with a product that no other team would have provided.

Knowing what we now know, if we were doing it all again, we wouldn’t even bother with quotes from another company -if we have any future projects MRB and Chad Jamieson (our architect) will be contacted first. My only concern is that shortly down the road, Mike will be so swamped with work that he won’t have time to fit us in…