Gottingen St | the finish line

27 Mar 2015 Gottingen St | the finish line

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Steevo and the team working on our Gottingen St project have the finish line set firmly in their sights.

In keeping our focus on blending the old with the new as we did inside, they pay special attention to detail while moving up the front face of this gorgeous old home.
New corbels are installed, with crown moulding, bead moulding and a bump moulding to follow.

A stunning example of the craftsmanship of our building forefathers is showcased in the ‘monster’ of a board 24″ wide x 12′ long that Phil is scraping in the photo below. It was an easy decision to ‘relove’ this board rather than replace!

With scaffolding still in place it’s difficult to get photos of the grandeur that this renovation will be, so stay tuned for our final reveal.