1. What is your per Square Foot build price?


Every project we look at is unique and custom. The factors affecting the total cost of the project are specific to each project location, existing condition of the space, and the clients goals both aesthetically and functionally. We approach each project with diligence and scrutiny to ensure that the processes and materials are selected with purpose for each project individually. This process has shown us that evaluating project cost based on the square footage does not consider the varying circumstances that each project possesses. Our detailed pricing process evaluates your project from start to finish and is tailored to the specific needs/conditions that are unique.

2. Can our friend the electrician (or other sub-trade) look after their scope of our job?


The two biggest concerns for clients when undertaking a project are cost, and schedule. We understand the value in being able to complete a portion of the project with a family friend or colleague which may result in cost savings. MRB does have certain criteria we require all of our sub-contractors to meet prior to working on an MRB site. All sub-contractors must show proof of workers compensation and liability insurance and any related safety certifications that are required for their specific trade. At that point we would be happy to engage them as a subcontractor for pricing and scheduling.

3. How long does it take to get a project started?


Determining the amount of time that will be required to get a project started comes down to identifying the scope of the project. Is design work required? Will we need engineering or surveying? Will the time of year affect project timing? Successful projects take the time upfront in the planning and pricing processes to ensure that all of the details are discussed and materials are priced and accounted for. In general once we determine the scope of a project, a quick start would happen in about a month, more detailed and larger projects could take up to 3 months to go through the process and get started.