Jeff Amos

11 Mar 2015 Jeff Amos

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“I first met Mike Burns and MRB Contracting just after my company(Amos Wood Mouldings & Millwork, Blockhouse, NS) had bought half a run down duplex in old North End Halifax and our local contractor had bailed on us. Alright, we had ventured into the City (from Lunenburg County), who do we know in the City. Right, we had produced a house worth of siding for MRB~ let’s see what they are about. It turns out MRB offices and shop are around the corner of the same block we had bought. Being shown what their contemporized duplex had been, their experience in what I was facing was evident. As more of the details of their renovation were explained, I felt I had found a crew that knew how to go about a project like ours. Then Mike began to explain their business practices. As half our business is conducted with contractors, I have had many discussions learning about business practices, most of them not being very thorough or progressive. A full explanation of billing costs, and timely computerized tracking was meaningfully laid out in front of me. This was plainly a company who knew how to work, and was building a business. It was explained that a deposit would put our project in the work order. Others were in discussion. I was back with our deposit within an hour. I write just as we are finishing. I’ve been working with the right group of people.”