MRB | the new woodshop

MRB Newshop3

22 Apr 2014 MRB | the new woodshop

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What do you do when you are handed the keys to your new address? A blank canvas. An open space. A place to bring your dreams to fruition.

Just like a young family, as it matures and grows, we found ourselves outgrowing our James Street home. The expansion of the MRB Woodshop has led to a new address off Creighton St in Halifax’s North End. Before we begin transforming this place, MRB took advantage of the open space and brought in the team for Friday night floor hockey!

We will keep you posted with updates and photos as the relocation and creation of the new MRB Woodshop unfolds. Mike and the office team will continue their work at our James Street address, but what will become of the James St shop?

MRB Newshop1

MRB Newshop2
Even the shop dogs came by to checkout what all the talk has been about!

MRB Newshop3

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MRB Newshop5