MRB Contracting | Our Culture


05 May 2015 MRB Contracting | Our Culture

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What is culture? Why is it important to a company? To the people that work there? To the product and services you offer?

We knew we had a good thing going on at MRB Contracting. We grew organically, and are extremely fortunate with the team members that we have hired over the years. We never sat down and figured out what it was about MRB Contracting that we all loved. Why is it that every one of us cares so much about the houses we build, our clients and the people we work with?

So we embarked on a different kind of project. Led by Nick Matheson of Shirlaws, we went through a series of exercises, some in small groups and some with the entire company. The common goal was to uncover what our common driving force was. It soon came to light that we all shared great pride in our work; that we liked to be recognized for it both as individuals as well as a company, and that we, as a group, are confident in our abilities.

Now that we have verbalized the feeling that we all had about MRB Contracting, we all use it as a daily compass to our work. Are you taking PRIDE in what you are doing? Read more about our culture on the MRB Contracting website.