MRB Procedures | windows

Wrapshield SA

17 Apr 2014 MRB Procedures | windows

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MRB has strict procedures and applications for the procurement of materials we choose and craftsmanship we employ. Whether its from the ground up, or a renovation of an existing dwelling, it is our focus to ensure exceptional quality and standards are maintained.

Every 2nd Friday the MRB team convene in the woodshop to fine tune and reaffirm the implementation of these processes and procedures. This week Smitty took the stage with a demonstration of the MRB procedures for window installation.

The images below demonstrate a brief play by play of our procedure: Keeping in mind the biggest consideration is penetration of wind and water .

1. Walls are wrapped in WRAPSHIELD IT – a breathable, water resistant membrane


2. Strapping is nailed around the window opening


3. Another great Vaproshield product, is Vaproshield SA  (self adhesive). This seals the Vaproshied IT wrap and strapping to the building, thus eliminating water and wind penetration.


4. Next we apply Liqui-Flash and a bead of Dow around the opening before fitting the window in place.


5. Then comes flashing.


6. Voila! Ready for cladding.