MRB | what are you doing this weekend?

MRB Contracting team member Phil volunteers his weekends

09 Oct 2014 MRB | what are you doing this weekend?

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The team at MRB Contracting are a diverse group of motivated individuals.

Midweek we come together and share a passion for custom modern architecture, skilled craftsmanship and the overall urge to build things.
Weekends are filled with all array of activities, however, to no surprise, many of us are still building things.

Our team member Phil, humbly volunteers his time to ‘Habitat for Humanity.’
“I’ve been involved with Habitat for Humanity on several builds over the past couple years. What got me involved with the organization was simply that I really enjoy doing carpentry and it was a great chance for me to use my skills to help someone. I usually work as a Crew Leader and can have as many as 12 volunteers working under me. A majority of them have never swung a hammer before but with so many volunteers we accomplish a lot in one 8 hour shift.”

Check out the project Phil is currently working on in North Kentville.
If, like Phil, you would like to support this organisation you can volunteer your time, or alternatively, you can shop for building and renovation supplies at their ReStore


Kingscountynews photo

Kingscountynews photo