Nova Scotia’s diverse building opportunities

01 May 2014 Nova Scotia’s diverse building opportunities

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After reading Fawn Stevens article  ‘Buyers Market’  in SOAR Halifax Spring 2014  I got to thinking…… The diversity of building in Halifax and greater Nova Scotia is bountiful and endless.  We are privileged to have such variation in our work. ‘Halifax offers accommodations unavailable in other cities, choices are affordable and unspoiled‘. A renovation of  a century old home in the hip North End, or a new build on one of Nova Scotia’s abundant pristine waterfront lots.  They are vastly different,  but we approach each with the same philosophy and respect. From the onset, our team work closely with clients to plan, design and develop a concept.

Sometimes all consideration to the craftsmanship of a building forefather is demanded. We must blend modern urban architect design with traditional methods and materials. This is displayed in our own space on James Street and our neighbour Amos Wood.



Other times we are presented the opportunity of a new build. Essentially this is a clear slate, however design consideration is demanded by the unique beauty of Nova Scotia’s coastline. We love when we are given the opportunity by our clients to blend modern architecture with the landscape. As showcased in our work at Kingsburg.

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