Our holistic approach

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12 Sep 2013 Our holistic approach

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We live in a world of specialization. The natural world however is built on diversity. In residential construction, specialization often manifests itself in the stages of a home build. It’s not uncommon for a company to build the foundation, another to frame the home, another to do cladding, and yet another to do interior finishes.

MRB Contracting, Kingsburg Nova Scotia

We like the holistic approach. Our carpenters work on a new build from the foundation all the way to the finish details. In building, errors at the foundation have a cumulative effect through the framing and on up to the trim and finishes. By being involved in the entire process we have a vested interest in achieving the best possible results each step of the way. We know that our framing will line up on the foundation. We know that the windows will fit in the rough openings. We know that our finishes will look clean and intentional.

The approach of focusing on the whole could be a metaphor for modern living. Perhaps the specialization model that permeates across most industries is creating an unnatural system. The jack of all trades approach could just be the best new “old” way of doing things.