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MRB Contracting, Hickey Day, The Team

04 Mar 2014 our team | pond hockey

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Saturday, the team from MRB Contracting put down the tools and sharpened their skates for the first annual competition of the MRB cup.

Corey and Smitty convened early to craft a quality hockey net and groom the ice in anticipation. The morning brought sunshine and blue skies on Cranberry Lake where the puck was scheduled to be dropped at 1pm. Teams were decided and play commenced.

MRB Contracting, Hickey Day, The Team

Mid term breaks made way for our very own MRB Timbits to showcase their skills and show up their Dads!

MRB Contracting, Hockey Day, Team

With all the guts and determination of Sidney Crosby and Team Canada, play continued until a brave move from Bryan ‘Rockett’ blocked a shot and the final siren blew. At the end of the  day not everyone’s name made it on the MRB Cup Trophy, but the entire MRB team totally enjoyed the opportunity for some ‘off-site – tools down’ building of a different kind.

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