Step 1

Initial Consultation

Yes. We’d love to have a look at your project. The early stages are exciting, and we love being
involved from the beginning. Whether you know exactly what you want, have plans, need plans or want someone to toss ideas around with, we’ll evaluate your project planning needs and make sure you feel comfortable with MRB as your builder.

Step 2


Once project needs are determined, we’ll provide you with an estimate if you have plans. If you don’t already have plans, we’ll provide you with a proposal to design your project, prepare plans and get you to estimate phase. During this stage there is a lot of communication that happens back and forth nailing down the design, scope and pricing.


We guarantee that you will be impressed with the level of detail you will receive during this process. The best projects are detailed from the beginning.

Step 3

Project Setup

With the project scope and pricing completed, it’s time to review and sign your contract and choose a construction start date! To make projects as efficient as possible, there’s a period of time between contract signing and the beginning of construction when we will:

Order materials & specialty items

Schedule work crews

Obtain all necessary permits

Introduce you to our online project management program that will give daily progress reports

Step 4


Here we go! Lumber is landing on site, machines are digging, concrete is flying, measuring tapes, hammers, levels… controlled chaos methodically thought out. You’re in good hands as we’ve been here before.


As the project progresses, we’re going to keep you busy. It’s time to be thinking about:


Wall colours


Step 5


The construction is done but there’s still work to do. There are heating systems, security systems, fireplaces, home automation systems to learn about, manuals to go over and our warranty program to talk about. Just because our trailer is gone, the hum of a job site has diminished and our sign is down doesn’t mean we’re gone. These final days are about support and making sure that you absolutely love your new space.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you build it