Our Company

The highest standards of craftsmanship

We are located in Nova Scotia, in North End Halifax and specialize in architecturally designed homes, residential and commercial renovations, architectural design and land development.


Our philosophy embodies the highest standards of craftsmanship, construction innovation and project management. Our design philosophy blends modern urban design with extensive knowledge of traditional methods.


We work with some of the areas leading architects and developers, and over the years have become a highly sought after firm. Our dedicated team and trusted subtrades ensure that we offer the highest standards. Our in house design services and land development unit round out our services.

Associations & Memberships

Your Project

It’s your project and we would like for you to be involved from start to finish. It’s important that we understand your requirements and your wishes while providing you the opportunity to decide if we are right fit for you. Building or renovating your home is a big deal and we want YOU to LOVE it!

Our Commitment to You

MRB has built itself on quality construction and has grown by combining craft with project transparency.

Project Costing and Estimating

Project costing and estimating are the absolute keys to a successful build phase, as accurate scheduling and material procurement are essential in defining the scope of work.

Complete Build Proposals

MRB prides itself on our build proposals, mandated to contain more information for you to review than any other proposal you’ll receive in another tender package. The result is a full understanding of where the budget is being spent and why.

Dedicated Project Manager

Project tracking is another key component to a projects success. MRB has a dedicated Project Manager (PM) to schedule what sub-contractors we do use, as well as handle the logistics of ordering and delivery of materials.

Web Based Project Management Portal

As a client you’ll have access to our web based project management portal. You’ll be part of the ongoing build conversation between the architect or designer and your project manager. Plans, permits, proposals, invoices -all the project documents shared with key personnel live in one secure location, accessible from any device.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work