James Street

About This Project

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Our challenge was to upgrade the exterior of a 120 year old home that survived the Halifax Explosion in 1917. In many cases homes shifted due to the impact of the explosion and over time many homes developed leans and twists.

We started by removing a rotten and dilapidated rear addition and replaced it with an urban outdoor living space. Our team created the design concept. The exterior walls provide some shade and decorative details. The valance has custom lighting built in to create a fantastic night time atmosphere. We also built a custom table with rough cut lumber to match the style of the deck.

In order to give the twisted house a new square appearance we created bulkheads on the corners. The bulkheads were plumbed and squared and then clad in cedar shingles. The rest of the house was clad in Cape Cod wood siding. The finished effect gives the house an updated modern feel with a touch of traditional and a straight profile.


Build details:

  • hemlock posts
  • cedar shingles
  • Cape Cod wood siding
  • polished black concrete landings
  • aluminum rail guards for the stairs
  • stainless steel fasteners
  • spruce slats dipped in Lifetime
  • New windows

Photos by Omar Gandhi

James Street


Multi-level outdoors spaces


North End, Halifax