Kingsburg cottage


South Shore, Nova Scotia

New construction
About This Project
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Kingsburg I is a single story beach cottage with incredible views of Hirtle’s Beach and the surrounding landscapes. Designed by Halifax’s Chad Jamieson, the cottage’s roof lines follow the contours of the hillside, successfully blending modern architecture with the landscape. Cape Cod wood siding and a standing seam roof bestow the house with a classic look while providing excellent weather protection and durability. The door and window openings were weatherproofed with the innovative VaproShield and a LiquiFlash systems for the utmost moisture protection. Because Kingsburg’s storms and wind are notoriously tough on windows.

As with most of the work we do, we sourced as much material locally as possible. The interior flooring was sourced from Amos Wood Moldings & Millwork located nearby in Blockhouse. Other building materials were sourced from the local building supply stores in Bridgewater. Minimizing the transportation distance of materials reduced our overall carbon footprint of the build. Super insulation and energy efficient radiant heating were incorporated to reduce energy consumption while increasing heat retention. For the interior of the house we used low VOC paints to limit chemical off gassing in the living spaces.

This one-off, architecturally designed beach cottage is a triumph of creating big space in a small footprint. The house blends in beautifully with its natural surroundings. It’s intentional use of passive heat from the large southwest facing windows, combined with HRV and super insulation create a cozy and extremely energy efficient home. Our use of the most innovative weather proofing systems on the market will ensure that the storms that batter Kingsburg on a regular basis will not have a negative impact on the home. In short, this is a perfect low maintenance beach cottage for the family to enjoy for generations to come.