South Shore, Nova Scotia

New construction
About This Project
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The Shoebox was conceptualized and designed by its owner as a summer surf retreat for his growing family. It consists of two structures, the main house and a bunk house. Cladding is a combination of wood and corrugated metal, blending modern lines with the surrounding natural landscapes. Large windows in the living room and master bedroom offer uninterrupted views of the ocean and provide passive heat. The interior mixes modern elements with older traditions. From the minimalist window details, to the gorgeous wide plank pine floors, the home combines many elements to create as unique an interior as its exterior.


All of the wood siding and interior flooring was sourced from Amos Wood Moldings & Millwork located nearby in Blockhouse. When possible, other building materials were sourced from the local building supply stores in Bridgewater. Minimizing the transportation distance of materials reduced our overall carbon footprint of the build. Super insulation and energy efficient radiant heating (kitchen and bath) were incorporated to reduce energy consumption while increasing heat retention. For the interior of the house we used low VOC paints to limit chemical off gassing in the living spaces.


Simply put, the Shoebox is a triumph of design and construction placed atop a steep hillside. Combining the ICF foundation with large concrete piers and steel I- beam cantilevered construction was the first step in giving this giant box it’s sense of weightlessness. While the opposing bump outs and insets on the exterior walls further complicated construction, the effect makes the geometric structure seem more organic. The construction elements combined with energy efficient components come together to make a surfer’s dream home come true. The gratitude and praise that we received from the homeowner gives us a great sense of pride on this project.