Purcells Cove Road | new project

Purcells Cove Rd

25 Mar 2014 Purcells Cove Road | new project

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From start to finish, we love to take care of everything!

Before construction even commences on this site in Purcells Cove the MRB team are there. This build is located on the apex of a massive hill and so first job is to give ourselves safe and easy access.

We employed some big machines to get to work. The existing rough road required compacting and an additional topping of stone to ensure a good solid base driveway for material delivery and concrete trucks.

All that’s left to do before the eager team  can start construction  is to bring in power. Some power poles will be put in place at the top of the driveway. As we begin to see traffic on this driveway, we will be thankful we invested the time and energy now.

Perhaps the most unique MRB build to date, I recommend you stay tuned for updates as this fantastic house project unfolds!

Purcells cove road