New Construction

Built with craft, expertise and love

Custom Homes

We love modern architecture for  its simplicity and the challenge of perfecting the raw and genuine feel that minimalist design can offer. Most of what we do is architecturally designed – one off projects that require creativity and custom applications. 


We have worked with some of the region’s most exciting architects to create both urban and rural homes that are at once striking and fitting to their environs. If you don’t already have a designer, our in-house designer can assist you in articulating your dream home.


We renovate houses that have been standing for over 100 years, yet the majority of todays houses are constructed for only the life span of a mortgage, something is wrong there. MRB believes a house lifespan should be multi-generational -a 100 year home.

What can you expect in your
new MRB Contracting built home?

Superior material choices for the longest possible lifespan

Efficient energy use via max insulation, advanced wall assemblies, and expert assembly

The highest attention to detail on everything from the foundation to the fixtures

Considered use of materials for lifespan, strength, and environmental considerations

The best project management in the business

Halifax Builders

As an organization we strongly favour superior project management and transparency. That is why we provide you with the most exhaustive estimate you’ll encounter. And our project management software will allow you to view daily updates and manage all the files and information related to your project from your desktop or mobile device. Our project managers and site foremen will be with you along every step of the way as your new home comes to life.


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