St Margaret’s Bay Rd | our 3rd visit


15 Oct 2015 St Margaret’s Bay Rd | our 3rd visit

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The writing is on the wall. Literally.

MRB Contracting returned to our valued clients property for the third time. Not for repair or replacement of work completed of course, but rather, for the next stage of our clients dream.

Like we’ve said before, building your dream does not have to be done all in one hit. We love to work with you; design, plan, and budget. For now, and for your future.

And so, on this our third visit, we will complete the re-shingling of this home.

If you look closely at the photo below you can see handwriting on the original sheathing boards that were exposed when we stripped off the old shingling. Like a true artist, the craftsman that built this house on September 27th, 1931 has signed his name. We trust we are doing his work justice. And making him proud to see MRB Contracting give this home new strength to face the next 80 years.