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23 Jan Purcells Cove Rd | Wrapping it up

Wrap, Strap, and Insulate! With Jack Frost nipping at their noses, Corey and the team are working hard as nails, bound and determined to seal up the house. Protecting themselves from the elements sure helps to keep the build progress rapidly:) A protective membrane 'Firestone V-force' adheres to the roof to provide temporary weather protection, allowing work to continue below. Permanent stages of spray foam insulation have commenced under the buildings eaves. This expanding foam application will provide thermal insulation and minimise air infiltration. The team have also begun the important step to wrap the building in WrapShield as they install windows. We are well on the way to having things at Purcells Cove weathertight and secure! ...

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Firestone V-force roofing membrane

12 Mar Clifton St | roof

One step closer to water tight at Clifton St. The bright sunny clear blue sky enticed the team up to the roof.  For workplace safety a railing was constructed around the perimeter. This allowed the team to continue work free of their harnesses. After clearing a winters worth of ice build up they rolled out the first step of weather proofing and sealing. Firestone V Force Barrier membrane is not only a reliable vapour barrier, but also doubles as a way to quickly weather-proof a new construction. It is non-slip and UV resistant and so will allow the team to continue working until temperatures warm when the final membrane EPDM roofing system can be applied. >...

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27 Jun EPDM roof and deck reno

Below are a few photos of a small rooftop patio renovation. For a roof covering we used Firestone's EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) single-ply roofing system. While EPDM has been used in commercial applications for some time, its use on residential applications in our region is starting to take off. It's an easy to install, long lasting roofing membrane for low sloped roofs. Thanks to our friends at Keel Agencies for the support on this great product. Brian and Angus roll out the adhesive on the sheathing before installing the membrane. The deck construction consisted of a traditional design with pressure treated lumber to match the pre-existing structure. A new deck just in time for summer! ...

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12 Nov Keel Agencies profile

At MRB we believe that longevity of what we build is the cornerstone of sustainability. We are not alone. Recently we had chance to chat with Stefan and Breanna, partners at Keel Agencies. Keel specializes in building products of all types, with a focus on more sustainable approaches and long lifestyle products. Their market ranges across Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Bermuda. From permeable pavers, to products for vegetative roofs, storm water management, breathable membranes, mineral based insulation, fire-stop products, all types of fasteners, and architectural finishes, Keel's list of building products is quite impressive and growing. One of the product lines they represent is called VaproShield. In our last post we talked about using the VaproShield products for weather proofing the doors and windows at Kingsburg 1. The WrapShield product we used for the doors and windows is akin to GoreTex - a real innovation for the building industry. And that's just the beginning. Keel also represents products from Firestone, STI Inc., Bison and more. The photos below illustrate some samples of various steel and wire products used for lighting, shade and flooring. It's not the products alone that defines Keel Agencies focus. Stefan and Breanna are members of the Canadian Green Building Council....

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