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25 Oct Kingsburg 2: beams & bunkhouses

  Our Kingsburg projects have been moving right along. This week the team has made great strides towards getting Kingsburg 2 ready for framing. After all the piers were poured it was time to connect some of the dots. The six big round piers on the top side of the hill are for the bunkhouse. The bunkhouse was sheathed with exposed v-groove pine which will be completely painted in white. Inside the bunkhouse there will be an L-shaped mezzanine for a play area with the living space below. The walls for the bunkhouse were build on the floor and then raised into position.   And while the project changes day by day, the view remains the same. Breathless. There are tractor operators and there are tractor operators. Kevin gently placed each of these half tonne beams in place with deft skill. Each beam was attached to the concrete piers and concrete walls using large anchor bolts. Here Smitty drills the holes with a hammer drill. Then he'll fill the hole with a fast setting two part epoxy and hammer in the bolts. Once the epoxy sets there's no getting the bolts out. The beams are then safely secured. The next step was to install the sill plate on...

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