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16 Sep For Sale | 2454 James St

Remember our James Street job completed in early 2012? These gorgeous flats could now be yours. Design by Omar Gandhi and craftsmanship and work by MRB Contracting, an investment opportunity like this doesn't come along too often. For full details and further appraisal of this listing head to Red Door Realty Attention to detail is evident in all aspects of the buildings form & function The design offers clean architecture with an intuitive living space ...

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MRB Newshop3

22 Apr MRB | the new woodshop

What do you do when you are handed the keys to your new address? A blank canvas. An open space. A place to bring your dreams to fruition. Just like a young family, as it matures and grows, we found ourselves outgrowing our James Street home. The expansion of the MRB Woodshop has led to a new address off Creighton St in Halifax's North End. Before we begin transforming this place, MRB took advantage of the open space and brought in the team for Friday night floor hockey! We will keep you posted with updates and photos as the relocation and creation of the new MRB Woodshop unfolds. Mike and the office team will continue their work at our James Street address, but what will become of the James St shop? Even the shop dogs came by to checkout what all the talk has been about! ...

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28 Jan Monday’s field notes

Last week was beautiful with clear skies and amazing light. With the clear skies came cold weather. Air temps hovered below -10 C. for the entire week. Cold enough that some of the more sheltered bays around Kingsburg were frozen. It's strange to see a frozen briny ocean. It even seemed as if the tides had stopped affecting the shoreline along the bay roads. We spent the week working mostly on Kingsburg 1 - finishing off the Cape Cod siding and installing the skirting and decks. The place is coming together nicely. The drywall crew braved icy roads and finished up their side of things not without their own challenges from the cold.       The James Street portfolio had a few photo additions. The kitchens were fitted with modern minimalist Baltic birch cabinets. Concrete floors in the kitchen give way to beautiful hardwood floors throughout the rest of the space.   Hope you enjoyed the first on our Team Profile series featuring Mike Burns. Keep an eye for a new profile on Thursday. And as always, thanks for stopping by!...

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27 Sep Cape Cod siding on James Street

The team split up this week to cover a calender full of projects. While a few of the guys went down to Kingsburg to begin framing Kingsburg 1, some remained in Halifax to finish up the exterior of the James Street project. For cladding we chose Cape Cod finished wood siding. It's a locally sourced product that not only provides the long wearing benefits of wood siding, but also gives the house a beautiful facade. [caption id="attachment_1058" align="alignleft" width="510"] We've had a few people stop by and ask about the lattice. We use lattice to provide air movement behind the siding. We also use tar paper for its water wicking and breathability characteristics. The two work in tandem to keep water out and to allow airflow to dissipate any moisture that may enter.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1060" align="alignleft" width="510"] A table saw, compound miter saw, and a builders level are essential tools for this project. [/caption] [caption id="attachment_1059" align="alignleft" width="510"] Moving steadily from the bottom on up, Andrew lines up another board and drives a stainless colour-matched nail to anchor it.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1062" align="alignleft" width="510"] Halfway up and we're closer to finishing up one side. Check in with us often for photos of the completed...

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view from inside

22 Aug James St. backyard stylings

We crafted this beautiful table out of heavy slabs of rough cut lumber. Its simple lines work to compliment the design of the outdoor space while maintaining the rough hewn appearance of the wood. ...

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