The ‘Snow’ Must Go On!

19 Mar 2015 The ‘Snow’ Must Go On!

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Who could believe there could be this much snow?
There sounds to be a general consensus that Halifax has not seen anything like this since White Juan. In fact, rumour has it, there is more snow than White Juan. A whopping 1/4 of our annual snowfall landed in Halifax yesterday!

Thankfully, before the snow, Smitty and the team at Marlborough had windows in and the added bonus of insulation complete. In areas where the walls are not deep enough for batt insulation, spray foam was used. (The blue in the photos)

Propane lines have been run that will provide our homeowner with many benefits of this fossil fuel.
-Propane is environmentally friendly (Clean burning renewable resource)
-Cost effective (less expensive to operate than electrical),
and this one installation will fuel the boiler, heat pump, kitchen range and fireplace.

With plumbing and electrical all roughed in, the MRB team will move outside for some snow removal, and to patch up the shingles surrounding the new windows, freeing up the inside for the drywallers to begin.