Thermalwise |energy efficient building

12 Jun 2014 Thermalwise |energy efficient building

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As you know, innovative technologies and energy efficiency are priority to us.

R-2000 is an industry standard introduced by Natural Resource Canada to promote energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in home construction. This week we had a series of tests performed by ‘Thermalwise’ on our Clifton St build. These tests are performed to produce a score.Airtightness testing is conducted by using fans to induce pressure differentials across a buildings air barrier system.

We were excited to watch the testing process and even more excited to hear how we rated.
So you can compare:
New house with typical batt insulation average score 3.5
R-2000 house average score 1.5
Our Clifton St preliminary score 1.09!
This test has been performed prior to installation of drywall to allow us to easily access any potential problem areas (air leakage) that may show up.
On completion of this build, our standard of excellence at less than 1 should be easily met. Phenomonal!