Amos Wood | in the beginning


01 Oct 2013 Amos Wood | in the beginning

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Recently we unveiled our Agricola Street renovation project for Amos Wood. Since then, the demolition crew  stripped the inside so that we could get started on our end.

Not ones to sit around, we saw it fit to dig out the backyard to cast the supports for the new deck. Because Agricola Street homes are really close together, the only way to dig was by hand. Angus, never too shy to tackle hard work, toiled away for quite some time to get this thing dug.

Chester dog was there on this drizzly day to provide moral support as we prepped the forms for concrete.


Site forman Scott is meticulous to a fault. Here he is setting up a string line that will act as a control line to measure the 8 concrete supports for the new deck.


Scott too doesn’t shy away from heavy work. Below we  see him blurring time with his aggressive root chopping pick axe style.


Meanwhile, across the back fence lived a prolific apple tree – right in the middle of Canada’s largest city east of Montreal.


Back to the task at hand, six of eight concrete forms are braced and ready to pour.


And voila! It seems as if four-foot-deep stepping stones landed in the backyard overnight.


And because we like keeping things tidy, we built a wood storage rack in the  back. Doing a renovation of this scale in an urban setting with very limited space exacts creativity in storing materials.


We are very excited about this project and hope you are as well. Stay tuned for more updates!