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13 Aug 100th blog post

Wow! Time flies when you're busy building dream homes. It's been one year since we began blogging. And this is our 100th blog post. We'd like to thank everyone who's been following us here, on Facebook and Twitter. As I write this I wonder what has inspired you to continue to read our blog. Is it the photos? Or perhaps following the story behind each project? Or maybe you like some of the pieces we've written about building techniques and theory? Whatever it is we'd love to know so that we may continue creating content that you want to see. Send us an email or Tweet, or simply leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Below -a collection of  brief moments in time from the past year. Thanks again for reading.     ...

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Want to win this table? This pine and aluminium harvest table was constructed in our woodshop using locally sourced lumber and metal fabrication. And we are giving it away via our Facebook page. The contest rules are easy: 'Like' our Facebook page Share the Harvest Table giveaway status update on your wall All entries will get their name into a hardhat We will choose  a winner when our page reaches 500 'Likes' or after 2 weeks Over the last few years MRB woodshop has produced various types of furniture . We’ve created giant outdoor tables from rough hewn lumber, the Station Chair, modern office desks featuring metal and wood, and finally the custom cabinetry we are well known for. Stay tuned for new pieces, or if you’d like us to build something for you, please contact us or stop by the office....

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15 Nov Photo roudup

We could lament the rain. The truth however is that it's been a great week so far. While getting up before sunrise to make the trek to Kingsburg can feel daunting, sometimes watching the sun rise over country roads has its benefits. This week we received some photos of an Oxford Street deck we did a few months ago. We'll be adding a portfolio entry for this project soon. Here are a couple of shots to get excited about. And of course here we have our man Chester. Dapper and always alert for deer and squirrels. Architect Omar Gandhi sent us a couple of shots from living room renovation project he executed with MRB Woodshop. Stay tuned for a project portfolio. Down in Kingsburg the beginning of the week offered some amazing late Fall sunshine. The top of the bunkhouse offered an extra special vantage point for the guys as they worked on the parapet. The drive home from Kingsburg. On this evening we could feel the approaching storm in the air. Thanks for reading....

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22 Oct Woodshop: cabinet doors

Friday was a focused day inside the MRB Woodshop. Tom and Brian each had their ear and eye protection on while their machines whirred and purred in syncopation. Chisels scraped and sanding blocks smoothed, blending birch and walnut pieces to form fluid minimalist shapes. Like artists at work, the Woodshop crew worked with a dedicated intentionality to produce something that's not been made before. These guys barely looked up from their work as we photographed the progress. These doors are the final touch for a project we mentioned in a recent post. The cabinets make up an impressive installation in a West Halifax living room that will be transformed from a mostly uninspiring place, to a library and acoustically correct sitting area. Below is a sequence illustrating some of processes in finishing a door. Tom's idea of perfection is above average. Stay tuned for photos of the finished installation. ...

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17 Sep Meanwhile -On James Street…

We are a diverse lot. And so it is that we have multiple projects on the go. This week while part of the team was down in Kingsburg, some of the boys stayed in Halifax to work on the James Street renovation. We installed new windows, exterior trim, and flashing. We also installed two beautiful black doors on the front of the home. This project is coming along nicely and we can't wait to see the finished exterior. But you'll have to wait. [caption id="attachment_950" align="aligncenter" width="510"] Andrew is installing flashing above the trim to protect it from water damage.[/caption] The brushed aluminum door handles needed a little trimming to properly match the new look. A fine metal file and some elbow grease finished off the job. The mix of traditional and modern minimalist elements on this home are quite unique to the neighborhood. Of course there's great work going down in Halifax even when most of the Team is away. Tom is always creating amazing things in the Wood Shop. Whether it be custom kitchen cabinetry, or in this case a series of chairs commissioned by a local furniture designer, Tom's saws are buzzing and his clamps clamped at all times. [caption id="attachment_947"...

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view from inside

22 Aug James St. backyard stylings

We crafted this beautiful table out of heavy slabs of rough cut lumber. Its simple lines work to compliment the design of the outdoor space while maintaining the rough hewn appearance of the wood. ...

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