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19 Sep Ironstone updates – it’s done!

Our Ironstone project is practically complete. The last Ironstone update included photos of the completed lower level flat. Today's blog are of the upstairs unit. All of the fixtures and millwork are in. Closets are outfitted with shelving. Doors are hung. Bathroom is complete. Heated concrete floors are finished. The photo below shows what it looked like before. ...

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30 Aug IRONSTONE | 1 Bedroom flat for rent near Commons

You will be the first to live in this NEW 1 bed, 1 bath main floor unit, now AVAILABLE. • this house is registered with LEED for Homes and seeking Gold Certification • all new doors and windows • stainless steel countertops • glass shower • exclusive access to basement for storage • 5 appliances, including glass top stove, washer and dryer • concrete floors with electric in floor heat • lots of closet space • spray foam insulation Street parking is available for $30/year through HRM Rent is $1300/month includes water. Tenant is responsible for electricity. This is a non-smoking unit. Check out our ad on Please email if you have any questions or would like to view the property. ...

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13 Aug 100th blog post

Wow! Time flies when you're busy building dream homes. It's been one year since we began blogging. And this is our 100th blog post. We'd like to thank everyone who's been following us here, on Facebook and Twitter. As I write this I wonder what has inspired you to continue to read our blog. Is it the photos? Or perhaps following the story behind each project? Or maybe you like some of the pieces we've written about building techniques and theory? Whatever it is we'd love to know so that we may continue creating content that you want to see. Send us an email or Tweet, or simply leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Below -a collection of  brief moments in time from the past year. Thanks again for reading.     ...

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06 Aug Ironstone: interior details

The Ironstone project is nearly complete. The guys have been busy adding interior details - closets, floor and door trim, doors, and other finish details. The kitchen is starting to be installed. You'll notice the brown paper covering the floors. Beneath that paper lay heated concrete floors. The main floor unit will be available for rent starting September 1. If you are interested please contact Lindsay at  902.455.3202. The floor trim features 10" baseboards for a hearty feel. All seams and fastener holes are patched. The walls and trim will all be the same colour, unifying the space in a minimalist manner. Brian expertly routes the hinge placements on the solid core doors and door jams. Hanging doors is a bit of an art and requires lots of focus. Custom shelves in the bedroom closets provide intuitive storage options. In the kitchen Tom created custom cabinet boxes from melamine. The doors will be a combination of raw Baltic birch with matching grain and high gloss laminate doors.  The lower unit has an opening on the top of the wall between the living area and bedroom allowing the afternoon southern sun to filter throughout the space. ...

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11 Feb Ironstone updates

It's been a little while since we updated the Ironstone project. Essentially the projects entails a complete gut job of a 120 year old home in Halifax's North End. Most of the structural work on the interior is complete. Among other things, we will be doing some super insulation on this one to keep the heating bills ultra low. In between times the sleek cladding arrived and the boys got to work installing it. We chose a galva-aluminum cladding finished in white. The metal cladding stands in contrast to the sister homes on either side -both clad in wood. And yet the lines and styles are not dissimilar -providing the three row houses their own identities withing a modernist palette.         Even when it's crazy cold, Brian and Angus still find humor in a day's work.   If we can work outside all winter, we can ride our bikes to work. There's free bike parking out back.    ...

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10 Jan Yes it’s cold: Thursday’s field notes

[caption id="attachment_1892" align="aligncenter" width="510"] A giant slab of ice that came out of our stainless steel dip tank lays in the sun unfazed. The block is over ten foot long and a foot tall.[/caption] It's true. Last week was really cold. This week has been warmer and yet it's still below freezing most days. With insulated coveralls and thermal gear it's like any other day. Progress is our goal. This week we have project updates from our two Kingsburg homes as well as from 2454 Halifax. 2454 received a makeover with a full removal of the old shingles and exterior trim. A layer of grey VaproShield was added for weather protection and pressure treated strapping was applied over the top to attach the exterior cladding. We won't tell what that's gonna be yet but we'll give you a hint. It's going to be white. At Kingsburg the team has been making steady progress with the Cape Cod siding on Kingsburg 1. The mix of vertical and horizontal orientation posses some challenges -we love challenges. Final windows installations took place as well. Finally, Kingsburg 2 is almost completely wrapped and strapped for siding. On this one we used the orange VaproShield for the both the bunkhouse...

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20 Dec Gutted part II: 2454 re-structure

A while ago we posted about a new Halifax project called Ironstone 2454. Since then a lot of work has happened there. Remember we gutted the place? That's right, everything except the roof was removed. The floors, support beams, stairs, walls -everything. The rebuilding process can be tricky as 120 year old homes generally are neither square nor plumb. Luckily the team has encountered a few of these before so our process is fairly wired. Once the old support beams and floors are removed, we install new beams and build new walls. Simple. Kinda. ...

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29 Nov Gutted: Ironstone project #1

gutted: past participle, past tense of gut (Verb) Take out the intestines and other internal organs of (a fish or other animal) before cooking it. Remove or destroy completely the internal parts of (a building or other structure). Above are a couple of standard definitions for the word gutted. In our industry we generally refer to definition number 2. Gutting a house to do a few small renovations like opening up the living space on the main floor is one thing. Taking everything out except for the roof and basement concrete  is another. In this series of photos  you can see phase one of gutting a house. All the lath and plaster are. All the fixtures, electrical wiring, door frames, doors, floors...

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