In response to Steve Maxwell’s “When trades are devalued”

MRB Contracting, Halifax, NS

10 Dec 2012 In response to Steve Maxwell’s “When trades are devalued”

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Passion for craftsmanship is not a relic of the past. MRB’s team of young builders is proof of this fact. Last week Steve Maxwell, a widely syndicated home improvement columnist, wrote a piece about the decline of craftsmanship in the trades. Maxwell harkens back to a time when Canadian homes were built start to finish by a small group of tradespeople. He states that specialization in the industry over the past few decades has created an environment where accountability and pride have taken a back seat to profit. He also states that the trades have become a fall-back career for those who can’t seem to make it in careers that are perceived to be better. According to Maxwell, the current state of affairs is essentially a decline in quality and accountability.

MRB Contracting, Halifax, NS
While many of Maxwell’ points ring true, there is well documented proof that there is a renaissance in the spirit of craftsmanship, not only in the building trades but also in many other fields like brewing, custom furniture and many other fields. Young people are re-energizing the traditions of craftsmanship.

At MRB we specialize in building homes from start to finish. We do everything from the foundation, to framing, and finish work inside and out. For the plumbing, electrical and roofing we work with tradespeople who we’ve built close relationships with, and who we trust to provide the highest standard of quality. To give our clients piece of mind we provide a comprehensive web-based project management service. In addition, our work is guaranteed under the Atlantic Home Warranty Program.

We don’t bemoan Maxwell’s bleak view of the trades. However, our team of young builders is proof positive that intelligent and driven young people enter the building trades out of an honest passion for building things with their hands. They thirst for knowledge and strive to perfect even simple techniques. From a company standpoint we demand perfection from our employees for the sake of the client, and because we love and respect what we do. We don’t think that craftsmanship is dead at all. In fact, we work each day to hit the nail square on the head every time.