Kingsburg 1: Beams

MRB Contracting, Kingsburg, Halifax, Nova Scotia

24 Sep 2012 Kingsburg 1: Beams

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And the work continues on Kingsburg 1. The beams connecting the concrete piers to the ICF walls went up last week.

mrb conrtracting, beams, Kingsburg Nova Scotia

beams, concrete piers, MRB Contracting, Kingsburg

There’s hardly a nearby place to get a cup of coffee around the job site. If anything we are self reliant.

MRB Contracting, Halifax, Nova Scotia, coffee breaks
Where in the world is Kingsburg anyway? Kingsburg is a coastal community located about 130 kilometers from Halifax. Like many other coastal towns, fishing was a primary source of income for residents for many decades. With the decline of the Atlantic fisheries, the town has changed demographically. With two beaches, three lakes, and hiking trails, it has become a summer vacation spot.

kingsburg nova scotia, MRB Contracting,

We are fortunate to work in such a pictureque location. Scott isn’t taking it for granted as he inspects his beam installation.

MRB Contracting, Kingsburg, Halifax, Nova Scotia