Kingsburg 1: building a foundation


06 Sep 2012 Kingsburg 1: building a foundation

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The Kingsburg 1 project is off to a great start. With clear sunny skies the team laid out foundation footings and poured the concrete before day’s end. For this project we used a technology called Form-a-drain. What is Form-a-drain?

Form-a-Drain forms precise foundation footings, with an ideally located foundation drainage system above the bottom of the footing and below the foundation wall. The system allows for simple adaptation to function as an effective means for radon reduction since it forms a complete loop around the foundation.

Not only do the building blocks provide drainage, but they also reduce our use of building materials by combining concrete forms and drainage into one step. Effectively, this system is lower impact and has a longer lifecycle than traditional methods.

Rob and Scott laying out the footings.

Drainage leading the water towards the sea.

Form-a-drain footings, MRB Contracting, modern homes

Smitty and Burns taking care of business.

All done and ready for the ICF wall installation

And did we mention the view? This will be our office for the next few months. We can’t wait to show you how it develops.