Meanwhile -On James Street…

MRB Wood shop, MRB Contracting, MRB Team

17 Sep 2012 Meanwhile -On James Street…

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MRB Contracting, window isntallations

We are a diverse lot. And so it is that we have multiple projects on the go. This week while part of the team was down in Kingsburg, some of the boys stayed in Halifax to work on the James Street renovation.

We installed new windows, exterior trim, and flashing. We also installed two beautiful black doors on the front of the home. This project is coming along nicely and we can’t wait to see the finished exterior. But you’ll have to wait.

Andrew is installing flashing above the trim to protect it from water damage.

The brushed aluminum door handles needed a little trimming to properly match the new look. A fine metal file and some elbow grease finished off the job. The mix of traditional and modern minimalist elements on this home are quite unique to the neighborhood.

MRB Contracting,

MRB Contracting

Of course there’s great work going down in Halifax even when most of the Team is away. Tom is always creating amazing things in the Wood Shop. Whether it be custom kitchen cabinetry, or in this case a series of chairs commissioned by a local furniture designer, Tom’s saws are buzzing and his clamps clamped at all times.

MRB Wood shop, MRB Contracting

Tom assembling a Trunk Studio chair. Stay tuned for more information on these chairs.

MRB Wood shop, MRB Contracting, MRB Team

It’s not all fun and games when the Mad Professor is at work -or so it would seem.

MRB Wood shop, MRB Contracting

Tom’s bits