MRB attends ENERhouse 2013 builders conference


21 Jan 2013 MRB attends ENERhouse 2013 builders conference

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Last week we attended the 2013 ENERhouse conference here in Halifax. The conferene is put on by the Nova Scotia Home Builders Association. With an expert panel of revered building science professionals, and a theme of building energy efficient homes for the future, how could we stay away!

We were pleased to hear from the panelists that the MRB build program has already implemented many of the technologies suggested in the conference. At the top of the list for high efficiency homes were things like:

  • Plywood over OSB (oriented strand board) for exterior sheathing
  • Super insulation (spray foam)
  • High performance house wraps (like VaproShield)

Over the next few months I will be discussing my views on these building materials and some of the systems that they are a part of. We can’t wait to implement some of the great ideas we learned this week into the next MRB build!
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