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13 Mar MRB’s home | the north end

The North End right in the thick of the urban core. We are seeing a wave of urban renewal flow through streets of an area where some were once hesitant to embrace, not only has this area shaken that stigma but has now become a hub for revitalization. A blend of modern architecture harmoniously growing amid the small wood frame and semi- detached row houses. This area is where early industry thrived, and a popular choice of homes  for new  companies and creative organizations. Diverse shopping with a variety of art galleries, furniture shops, and an expanding repertoire of vibrant restaurants and bars. There is real community and support, and it offers us a sense of camaraderie from our neighbours who have also dared to dream!     ...

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23 Jul The importance of proper rain screening

What's a rain screen? Here's the Wiki definition: ..the rainscreen is the first interruption between conditions that exist on the outside of a walled building and conditions that are required on the inside of a walled building. [caption id="attachment_2577" align="aligncenter" width="510"] VentGrid rain screen provides a 1/2" air space between the moisture barrier and cladding.[/caption] Weather in the Maritimes is of often characterized by driving rain and gale force winds. Keeping water from entering behind exterior walls is practically impossible. Proper rain screening allows both drainage and air flow -ensuring that water drains and dries. We use various forms of rain screen depending on the cladding program. Below is an interesting abbreviated history of previous technology solutions that failed. Our friends over at Keel Agencies originally posted this article written by Dan Morrison for Builder Magazine. [caption id="attachment_2211" align="aligncenter" width="478"] 5/4" pressure treated strapping provides over an 1" of air space.[/caption] 1930s Paint peels off walls after wall cavities are filled with a new product — insulation. Because walls do not dry evenly in an insulated wall, moisture pushed its way outward. Result: Paint peeled off in sheets, first “insulation is evil" cries break the airwaves. Solution: vapor retarders, like kraft-faced insulation 1970s Vapor retarders graduate to...

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14 Feb Team profiles: Robert Emberley

What's your name and job function? Rob Emberley - Carpenter Can you talk about your building trade background? I attended the NSCC for carpentry from 2009 to 2011. I worked framing new homes during the summers of 2010 and 2011. I was put into contact with MRB through a friend that I attended NSCC with, and I have learned more in my time with MRB than I learned in all my previous experiences. What's the most satisfying part of your job? I would have to say the joy of creating is probably the most satisfying part of my job. Seeing an empty lot or an older house transformed into a beautiful home, and seeing every step along the transformation is very satisfying to me. Favourite tool? I would have to say my favourite tool would be my speed square -mostly because of the many uses that extend beyond a simple straight edge. The speed square can be used to find angles, as a lay out tool for wall framing, and as a guide for skill saw cuts. Hobbies? When I'm not working, I enjoy playing music and playing hockey....

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24 Sep Kingsburg 1: Beams

And the work continues on Kingsburg 1. The beams connecting the concrete piers to the ICF walls went up last week. There's hardly a nearby place to get a cup of coffee around the job site. If anything we are self reliant. Where in the world is Kingsburg anyway? Kingsburg is a coastal community located about 130 kilometers from Halifax. Like many other coastal towns, fishing was a primary source of income for residents for many decades. With the decline of the Atlantic fisheries, the town has changed demographically. With two beaches, three lakes, and hiking trails, it has become a summer vacation spot. We are fortunate to work in such a pictureque location. Scott isn't taking it for granted as he inspects his beam installation. ...

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