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17 Jun Purcells Cove Rd | update

Like a beehive this build is constantly abuzz with activity. Indoors the drywall is hung ready to be taped, the floors are finished (details to come!), and the call has gone out for our sub-trades to come back to finish what they started. Outdoors has been equally as industrious. The septic field is in, landscape has commenced and the final stages of this homes contemporary cladding are being completed. The coordination and organisation involved in pulling everything together over the coming weeks will keep Corey and the team on their toes. And squeezing in a weekend in Florida to catch Game 5, how does he do it? ...

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I love North End

25 Nov A roundabout Kudos

No doubt you've seen the round works at the North Park intersection? With high traffic incidences, collisions and ageing infrastructure, the upgrade and improvement of this intersection was well due. Projects of this scale require enormous design and planning to be a success. With so many considerations; -Design and drawing -Engineering -Timeline -Budget To name just a few. Communication and cooperation are also paramount. Congratulations to the civil contractor on this project. The major tasks were completed quickly and efficiently, the timeline was adhered to, and the disturbance to our North End neighbours has been kept to a minimum. It's exciting to watch our neighbourhood grow. The fabric of the neighbourhoods surrounding North Park Street and the Halifax Common is changing. You can see the planned projects moving this change on the HALIFAX website using the links. Peninsula Bikeway Network (north/south), Cogswell Interchange, Open Space Plan, Halifax North Common Plan, Corridor Plan, etc. ...

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17 Dec MRB Contracting featured in the Chronicle Herald

Saturday's front page of the Chronicle Herald business section featured a great article about MRB Contracting and Mike Burns.     Armed with youth, an eye for the modern aesthetic and a firm handle on the power of technology, a Halifax contracting firm is out to improve the relationship between homeowners and their contractors.  Click here to read the rest of the article on the Chronicle Herald's website....

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19 Nov Introducing MRB’s cloud project management

We are pleased to announce that we've officially launched our cloud based project management tool by Builder Trend. The software combines traditional project management tools like schedules, work orders, and reporting, with daily photo updates, internal email service, and more. Our clients now have access to real time updates and have the ability to quickly and effectively communicate changes. Other features include: access via mobile devices and computers warranty process photos documents change orders scheduling email   Click on the Client Login on the left side of the screen to watch a demo video of Builder Trend....

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