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05 Apr Purcells Cove Rd | Mille Feuille Roofing

These April showers will hopefully bring flowers and plenty more days allowing progress like this! Corey and the team at our Purcells build started out this clear blue sky day with one thing on their minds……ROOF. So you will remember the first step in weatherproofing and sealing this build was applying the v-force vapour barrier. Thus providing us with a ‘weathertight’ construction site. The next step was to apply Densdeck prime cover board. This fantastic modern roofing product boasts the benefits of being highly fire and thermal resistant, water resistant, and adds structural strength to the entire roofing system. Densdeck board is applied in accordance with local build codes (determined on a wind uplift calculation) with a minimum of 12 fasteners per board. Fasteners are carefully marked out and screwed in. At this stage, it is integral that the team move promptly on to the final membrane. No more boards shall be installed than can be covered with membrane and completed before the end of each day’s work or before the onset of inclement weather. Last but not least comes EPDM. This rubber membrane, specifically designed for low sloping roofing and therefore ideal for this Omar Gandhi design, is also perfect for use with green...

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03 Mar Purcells Cove Rd | roof tight

Not all construction schedules align with ideal building conditions.  Clever products allow us to soldier on through even the harshest of East Coast winters. The application of  V-force Vapor Barrier Membrane is a fast easy and ‘temporary’step to becoming roof tight. This self adhering puncture resistant membrane is an excellent solution for quickly weather proofing a new construction and thereby allowing work to continue inside. Prior to this application the team ensure the roof is clear of ice and use blow torches to dry any excess moisture. A priming product is rolled on to the dry plywood prior to rolling out the self adhering V- Force. The boys still manage a big smile through their chattering teeth;)  ...

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