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16 Dec Purcells Cove Rd | 2nd floor framing

On our last visit with Corey at Purcells Cove we saw him finishing and straightening the framing on the first floor. The pictures do most the talking; After crafting the massive 60ft LVL's at ground level, in came the crane to lift these one tonne beasts onto the second floor. The team promptly laid the floor and late last week with a gathering of MRB teammates the 2nd floor grew walls! ...

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Omar Gandhi Stereovision

07 Oct Purcells Cove Rd | watching the ships roll in

With MRB foreman 'Corey' at the helm, it's full steam ahead on our Omar Gandhi 'Stereovision' design on Purcells Cove Rd. Stunning northerly views to the opening of Halifax Harbour, Point Pleasant Park, and McNabs Island, will be one of this homes many features. As usual, right from the start, MRB have invested time in preparing this amazing site in readiness. The sizable build will sit on two already completed foundations. Pictures below show Corey and the team from RKO steel setting two 16 inch thick 'I' beams in place. These beams span between the two foundations and will pick up the weight load of first floor and wall loads above. Trenches were dug and lined with concrete casement to house the power lines in the from road and out of sight. Follow us on this project, and for a sneak peak of Omar's vision check out his website 'Stereovision' ...

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