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Scissor lift training

21 Oct MRB | Skill building

Before Scottie and teammate Daniel can embark on their next project, they are required to extend their already broad repertoire of skills. So, MRB Contracting sent them off for an afternoon of scissor lift training. Commonly used in the construction industry, a scissor lift allows access to otherwise inaccessible areas, particularly at great heights! Utilising a tool like the scissor lift will assist us to optimise productivity on our architecturally challenging builds. As with all MRB practises and procedures, safety is of foremost concern. While the boys pay particular attention to proper technique and operation, they also had a little bit of fun! ...

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MRB Contracting, ICF construction

18 Feb MRB attends ICF training course

Last week a few of the guys attended an all day training session put on by Nudura - manufacturers of insulated concrete form blocks, otherwise known as ICF. ICF utilities EPS foam, plasctic and heavy gauge wire, to construct giant Lego-like buidling blocks that act as both concrete forms for walls and  insulators. While ICF technology has been around for over 20 years, it's only in the last few years that it's become a more mainstream building material. At MRB we like using ICF construction and we often use it for basements on new builds. EPS foam has very low VOC's (volatile organic compounds). It can be recycled and it's a flexible building material. ICF walls provide great insulation value by sandwiching a concrete wall between 2 layers of closed cell foam. The workshop was a great refresher for us and we're looking forward to our next ICF project.  ...

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