Team Profiles: Brian Mitchell

MRB Contracting, team profile, Halifax Nova Scotia, builders, custom homes

09 May 2013 Team Profiles: Brian Mitchell

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MRB Contracting, team profiles, Halifax Builders

What’s your name and job function?

Brian Mitchell, Carpenter

Can you talk about your building trade background?

I started my experience in the building industry building log and timber frame homes.  After attending a trade school to learn the necessary skills, I worked as a craftsman building custom homes for about 6 years.  After moving east I continued to develop my skills in conventional home building, and MRB is a great place to learn and use some of the newest technologies and techniques our industry has to offer.

What’s the most satisfying part of your job?

The most satisfying part of my job is seeing milestones in a project as they are completed.  When walls are framed, cladding is finished, or drywall is hung, the project takes on a new shape, and results in a sense of accomplishment and pride in what our team was able to create.

Favourite tool?

My favourite tool would have to be ( and I didn’t want to be the first repeat) framing nailers. They are pretty awesome…really any of the pneumatic fasteners are a lot of fun to use!!


My hobbies are teaching Mike Burns and and Adam Smith how to hit a golf ball off the tee, and also spending time with my amazing kids!!!