Trunk Studio Profile with designer Jess Tasker

Trunk Studio, MRB Woodshop

29 Oct 2012 Trunk Studio Profile with designer Jess Tasker

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MRB Woodshop recently collaborated with a Halifax furniture designer to build a line of chairs. Jess Tasker is the founder of Trunk Studio, a furniture design firm focused on creating unique and classically Canadian inspired furnishings. Here is a short profile about Jess, her design inspirations and Trunk Studio.

Trunk Studio, MRB Woodshop

Can you tell us a little about yourself and Trunk Studio?

I grew up attending an arts school as a kid and later minored in art (and rugby) at St.FX. I have always had a strong sense of design and a love of furniture. Dwell and House & Home can always be found on my bedside table. I worked in carpentry for a couple of years which made the daunting task of designing functional furniture more achievable. Having some idea of how to put pieces together helps me when I am designing.

What was your design inspiration for the Station Chair?

The inspiration for The Station Chair came from a combination of things. First, I love the simplicity of the Danish Modern furniture style. Secondly, I wanted to create a line with a Canadian identity. If you look at the chair you can see echoes of an Adirondack chair (or as we native Ontarians call it, a ‘Muskoka Chair’). I love the visible joinery, especially the plugs in the legs. To me, this recalls log homes/cabins and their visible joinery.

What was it like work with the team at MRB Woodshop?

The team at MRB was great. Tom was a pleasure to work with. He was really excited about the project so that was awesome, as there is always uncertainty when launching a new company. Tom’s craftsmanship was fantastic and it has been valuable learning about entrepreneurship from Mike.

MRB Wood shop, MRB Contracting

Do you have other designs in the works?

I currently have a side table and coffee table that I am working on. At this point I am trying to get Trunk Studio going with The Station Chair before I can start production of these new pieces.

The Station Chair is available through the Trunk Studio website. Visit for more information.